On the 9th of September we open our doors to a great weekend filled with training, community and competitions

This event includes 2 big competitions in skill and style with over €3000 in prizes.

Competing is optional. If you wish to buy a ticket just to hang out with the parkour community and jam for 3 days then that is completely fine.

The spectator ticket is a single day ticket for those who want to watch the competitions taking place on the 13th.

We hope to see you there!

*Age limit 12 years for Jam ticket


The ticket price (700 kr/€66) includes:

  • entry to the 3-day jam,
  • entry to the on-site qualifiers for the style competition,
  • entry to the skill competition,
  • a sleeping spot in our training facilities
  • and dinner for the 9th and 10th of August.

THE competition

There are two big competitions in style and skill. The skill competition is open for everyone to enter, and the style competition has a qualifier competition taking place on the first day of the jam.

There are two categories in every competition: male and female.

THe prizes

There are over 30 000 kr (€3000) in prizes

Skill competition:

First place male and female: 6500 kr (€612)

Second place male and female: 2500 kr (€235)

Style competition:

First place male and female: 6500 kr (€612)

Second place male and female: 2500 kr (€235)

Sleeping arrangements

You can sleep in your gym during both nights. There will be a large room dedicated to sleep in. Bringing a sleeping bag and sleeping pad is highly recommended.

THE food

We offer dinner on the 9th and 10th of September. The dinner is provided by a professional catering bussiness. If you are a vegeterian or have any other food preferences please enter those after purchasing the ticket (there will be a form).

During the entire jam there will always be an oppurtunity to buy drinks and snacks from our small kiosk.

How to get to us

The closest airport is Copenhagen Airport in Denmark or Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden. We recommend Copenhagen Airport because it's cheaper. From Copenhagen Airport it's easiest to take the Öresundståg-train to Helsingborg where Jutan (our training facility) is located. Download the app Skånetrafiken to buy these tickets (can be done on the day of travel). A ticket from Copenhagen to Helsingborg costs around 200 kr (€20)