Parkour Trip To Malta

On October 28 - November 1, 2019, Air Wipp is doing a 5-day parkour trip to Malta! The trip is for those who are 12 years old or older, loves parkour and want to go on a trip to remember for life!

Whats included?

✈ Flight between Copenhagen and Malta, round-trip.

✈ Hotel on Malta.

✈ Four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper).

✈ All transportation in Malta.

✈ Great focus on parkour training.

✈ Train with Air Wipp and international athletes .

✈ A memory for life!

What will we be doing?

The focus will be on the parkour training, but besides that we will also swim and explore the island. Every night we will do something with the whole group, such as barbecue on the beach or visit a tourist destination.


✈ NOTE: Limited number of spots.

✈ The trip costs 9000 SEK (€ 850, $ 970)/ person, payment is made via invoice.

✈ 4500 SEK must be paid no later than April 20, the remaining part must be paid no later than August 1.

✈ In case of drop-off after payment, money is only paid back at the presentation of a medical certificate.

✈ If we have received less than 8 payments on April 1, the trip is canceled. (All money paid back).


✈ Can my child leave the group and explore Malta on his/here own?

No. It is not allowed to leave the group and explore Malta on your own.

Those who have received a signed permission from their parents before the trip may do smaller things on their own (for example, go to a store).

✈ Where does everyone sleep?

☀ All participants will be divided into rooms at the hotel.

All coaches sleep in separate rooms.

✈ Does the parents get updates every day?

☀ Yes. Every morning and evening we update all parents with what we have done / will do.

✈ What happens if a serious injury occur?

☀ In the event of a serious injury, a coach will go to the hospital with the injured. And Air Wipp will inform the injured parents immediately .

✈ Alcohol.

☀ Alcohol is not allowed on the trip.

✈ Allergies / Diseases

☀ Contact us if your child has allergies / diseases that we should know about.


✈ How many Air Wipp coaches will follow?

☀ Jesper Stenberg & Marcus Ahlstrand from Air Wipp will be the main coaches during the trip. If we get more than 10 participants, we will add extra coaches.

✈ Can I as a parent come along?

☀ Yes, as a parent of one of the participant, you can pay SEK 4500 to go on the trip.

✈ What ages are allowed to go on the trip?

☀ The trip is for those between the ages of 13 & 18.

Malta Does Malta have good spots?

☀ Malta has very good spots. Here's a couple of parkour clips you can check out. Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3.

✈ How is the weather in Malta at the end of October?

☀ Usually it is sunny and 20 - 25 C. (68- 77 f)

✈ Can I fly from / to another airport than Copenhagen?

☀ Yes, if you do not want to fly from / to Copenhagen, you can book your own flight from another airport. The price of the trip will be reduced to 7 500 SEK.

✈ All participants must bring their European health insurance card in order to be able to go on journey. If you are not an EU citizen you must show us a valid travel/injury insurance before the trip.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us: